Dear Staff at The Wedding Cottage:

My husband and I were married almost ten months ago
and we spent our honeymoon at your fine establishment.
What wonderful ending to a spectacular day that was!
I felt like I was in a fairytale staying in the Romeo and
Juliet Suite. Everything was so romantic and had that
extra touch. The care you showed my husband and
I was so kind. We felt as though we were right at home
--but better! We are looking forward to our first
anniversary and spending it at the Wedding Cottage!
We wouldnít have it any other way!

Dear Wedding Cottage:

As a surprise, I took my wife to your Bed and Breakfast
to celebrate her retirement from her job after twenty-five
years of dedicated service. She was absolutely delighted.
Your staff made us both feel so comfortable and at ease.
She loved having that time to relax after all those years
of hard work. She definitely deserved it! I canít thank
you enough for making our time there as special
as I hoped it would be.

Dear Staff:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making
my time there so very relaxing. It was all that I hoped
for since I am a busy Mom and have a full time job.
I donít feel as though I have a moment to myself!
My husband understood this and gave me a gift
certificate for a weekend at your facility. That was
the best present I could ever receive. Now I feel
re-energized and ready for my busy schedule again.

Thank you!


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